A very special project

It has been a while since I've added new wooden products to the website. This is due to a very special project that is are currently in process and is getting the full devotion of my time.

A close friends father passed at the end of last year and we have been commissioned to build his urn. Not only is this a huge honor and responsibility, but also it is also coupled with some unique challenges and specific size limitations. This urn will be interred within Arlington Cemetery. 

Unlike our usual lathed wood projects, the urn is being built with...

From My Cold Dead Hands or The Carnelian Necklace

From My Cold Dead Hands or The Carnelian Necklace

"From my cold dead hands!" That's what I said when I finished the Flowing Embers necklace on a bright spring morning. My fingers were red from working wire and our house was sparkling with stray carnelian. This necklace took nearly a month to make and with each additional stone, I became increasingly absorbed. It never seemed finished. In the end what started as an elegant single-strand piece became a three-strand statement of VICTORY! Now as this piece sits in a display case awaiting a buyer, I am both conflicted and strangely exhilarated knowing that somebody in the world may take...

We've just had our first sale!

Our first sale has just been packed up in bubblewrap and nestled into its shipping box. Tomorrow morning it will be delivered to the post office and sent on its way. What an amazing feeling. 

Ashley and I have been making our artwork for years now, but this is the first time that I really feel like we have a platform to really get our pieces out there. 

A very big "Thank You" to all of our friends and family who have sent us encouragement and shared our posts on social media to help get us out there. It means...

Mirabelle on 34th Street is back!

Hello all! Welcome to the New Year!

With the new year comes a new and exciting Mirabelle on 34th Street website! Take a look around and let us know what you think. Browse all of our brand new wares, all made from natural materials just as nature intended. Make sure to join our mailing list so that you are the first to  know when new items are available and when we are having sales.

Thank you for stopping by!